On premises server and workstation sales & service

New office setting needed all new equipment? Let us help you

Have existing equipment you need serviced? Let us help you

Interested in the Cloud?

We provide a variety of cloud based solutions including:

Cloud infrastructure and data hosting solutions

Cloud email and collaboration hosting

Cloud Email / Data Migrations

Monthly Managed Services without a contract

Let us monitor, manage, update, and protect your servers and workstations without being bound by a monthly contract.

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Providing Upstate New York with Best in Class Support for over 20 years

When choosing a provider for all your technology needs we know you have plenty of choices. Our family run business has been built from the ground up on word of mouth alone.

We provide personalized help to any business of any size and need. We help businesses in all industries from Law to Healthcare.

When looking at clients we will always provide our knowledgeable opinion on what is best for you and your business because we are building a long term business relationship.

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